Lodge Construction

New Club Facilities

Update: May 19, 2010

All of the timber has been skidded and processed. The remaining logs will be transported off site on Thursday. The stadium loop has been roughed in and needs some more material in the southern portion and then final grading.

The maintenance building footings have been poured and the foundation walls are being erected. Today the footings for the Daylodge are being set up. By the end of the week we are hoping to pour the footings for the lodge and foundation for the maintenance building.

The amount of support we are receiving from local contractors is amazing. This is truly a community project….Thanks to all those contractors! If you haven’t come out to take a look, things are looking like a building site now. Bob and his crew are doing an excellent job.

Photo: The maintenance building’s footings are being set up.

Photo: The maintenance building’s footings are poured (background) and the foundation walls are being erected. The lodge building site is in the foreground.

Photo: The maintenance building’s footings are stripped and the foundation walls are being erected. The lodge building in the foreground awaits footings.

Photo: View of the maintenance and lodge buildings from the south. The stadium loop is roughed in (foreground) with the parking lot in the far background.

Update: May 11, 2010

We have come a long ways in the last two weeks. Wednesday, April 28 was the official start date of the facilities construction and the first tree was fallen. The May 1 weekend was when the clearing for the sites started and now we have our holes dug and building placement decided. We will be starting on the maintenance building first and this week we will see footings placed and the construction of the foundation walls starting soon.

We have hired Bob Dickson as our journeyman carpenter. Bob has extensive building experience in the Revelstoke area. Most of you probably already know him but if not stop by and say hi….he’s a pretty nice guy. We currently have two apprentice carpenters working, and plan to bring on another two in the following weeks.

The support for the project has been staggering. Glen O’Reilly of Selkirk Design-Works created our beautiful lodge on paper…nice job. Speers Construction has helped immensely by donating machine time. Ed Vigue has donated his time as operator, Dave Mair helped with fuel, and Kepex has helped out with hauling gravel to the site. Sure-Haul has helped us get some equipment on site and the Ministry of Forest Wildfire Branch helped fall the trees. There also has been support from innumerable people from the Ministry of Forests and Range, Ministry of Tourism, City of Revelstoke, Columbia Shuswap Regional District,, Revelstoke Employment Service Center and many others. Thanks to you all, we couldn’t have gotten to this point without you!

The Club would also recognize the financial support from the BC Job Creation Partnership Employment Layout Market Services Division, Columbia Basin Trust, CSRD Economic Opportunities, the Province of BC Resort Municipality Funding Program, and the Revelstoke Credit Union on top of all the local support we’ve been getting.

Photo: Breaking ground. This is the location of the day lodge with the north end of the stadium loop in the background.

Photo: Maintenance building site with the trees removed. The southern end of the stadium loop is in the background.

Photo: Bob and Dave at the site of the maintenance building. This is just after the building location was staked.

  • April 2010: To view the renderings for the new lodge, produced by Selkirk Design-Works, click here.
  • March 2009: To view the document describing the proposed new facilities, click here. (1.8 MB PDF file)

Here’s a report on the progress of our new facilities, take from the club’s February 2010 newsletter. This was written by Dave Kaegi, President:

We are slowly marching ahead with our plans for the new Day Lodge, Custodian Residence and Maintenance Storage Facility. As you may recall, we have raised $350,000 ($75,000 from CBT, $125,000 from the CSRD Economic Opportunities Fund, and $150,000 for the City of Revelstoke’s Tourism Infrastructure fund). In addition, the Club will be investing $50,000 into the project. We have additional potential funding for wages from the Province of BC which at the time of writing, has still yet to be officially confirmed. However we are hopeful it will be approved.

We have officially submitted our development plan to the Province for review and approval of our proposed Licence of Occupation (LoC). The LoC is for a small area to cover the buildings and associated infrastructure. As one might expect, the process is taking longer than we would like but we are still hoping to begin construction this coming spring or summer. It is our goal to have the facilities up and running by the start of ski season next fall.

Ballot Results

In the spring of 2009 the Directors asked club members about their preferences for future development at the Mount Mackenzie trailhead. Here are the results of the ballot:

  • The majority of members are in favour of moving ahead on this project. The results were as follows: Yes: 117, No: 37
  • “Yes” votes broken down by option:
    • 93 votes, Option 4: Day lodge, maintenance storage facility, custodian’s residence, a trail-lighting system for Mickey Olson’s Trail and development of a mini hydro project on the unnamed creek that crosses the Mickey Olson trail.
    • 5 votes, Option 3: Day lodge, maintenance storage facility, custodian’s residence, and trail-lighting system for Mickey Olson’s Trail.
    • 10 votes, Option 2: Day lodge, maintenance storage facility and a custodian’s residence.
    • 2 votes, Option 1: Day lodge and custodian’s residence.
    • 7 votes: Voted “yes” but no option chosen.

Revelstoke Current Article

On October 13, 2009, the Revelstoke Current posted an article about the proposed new facilities, click here to read it.