Grooming Report

Thank you for the amazing season! Especially hats off to our volunteer groomers – they are amazing.

This past season (2022-23) was the longest groomed ski season the RNSC has on record. The snow came in November and stayed into May. It was fantastic to see all the skiers, and their smiles, out. We are looking forward to seeing you again next season!

RNSC  trail policies are no longer in effect.

Friendly Reminder: If you are skate skiing or classic herring boning, remember to step away from the classic track set. It can be dangerous for classic skiers if they are expecting a good track and instead encounter snow damage.

There is a wax predictor and temperature chart to help with your decision making.  For more detailed weather information, check out the RNSC weather station.

Check out the interactive map below for recent grooming activity, and scroll down for specific trail information from our grooming team.

Groomed today
Groomed yesterday or the day before
Groomed three or more days ago

Dog Loop

Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
BCIT2023-04-30     10:36:53am
Easy Al’s2023-04-30     10:36:53am
Ellie’s2023-04-21     07:07:44amginzu
Roadway Ramble2023-04-30     10:36:53amNorth of driveway
Short Hop2023-04-29     06:38:14am

North/Beaver Lake

Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
Beaver Lake Road2023-05-01     07:28:26am
Creek Crawl2023-05-06     08:35:24am
Hydro Hill2023-05-01     07:28:26am
Hydro Way2023-05-01     07:28:26am
Log Roller2023-05-06     08:35:24am
Lower Cedar Ramble2023-05-06     08:35:24am
Novice Glide2023-05-01     07:28:26am
Upper Cedar Ramble2023-05-06     08:35:24am

West/Main Loop

Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
Connector2023-03-31     03:20:19am
Glen’s Glide2023-05-01     07:28:26am
Main Loop2023-05-06     08:35:24amtop side only


Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
Dynamite2023-04-09     07:46:35am
Evelyn’s Choice2023-05-01     07:28:26am
Fish Hook2023-04-06     06:16:25am
Fish Hook/Titan Connector2023-04-12     07:22:18am"
Glen’s Cutoff2023-04-01     01:33:12am
Lower Grunt2023-04-01     01:33:12am
Mickey Olsen2023-04-29     06:38:14amonly upper as far as Evelyn's
Snakes n’ Ladders2023-04-01     01:33:12am
Titan2023-04-12     07:22:18amtree down
Upper Grunt2023-04-01     01:33:12am

Stadium and Jackrabbit Flats

Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
Little Dippet2023-04-01     01:33:12am
Stadium Trails2023-04-03     12:30:46am
Terrain Park2023-04-01     01:33:12am