Trail and Parking Lot Expansion

September 11th, 2018

Clearing has begun on a gentle climb trail commencing off Mickey’s and meandering to Mountain Climb, then to continuing to Main Loop.


July 26th, 2018

Drilling and blasting operations at the Macpherson Nordic Lodge are complete. Intermittent work will continue over the coming months, however there will be no more trail and parking lot closures.

We appreciate your cooperation as we work towards upgrading our facilities.

June 26th, 2018

Drilling and blasting operations will be taking place at the Macpherson Nordic Lodge commencing this week and continuing through the coming week(s). We will notify upon completion.

Please respect all existing closures to the Nordic ski trails, Black Forest and Stimulus trails adjacent to and including the Macpherson parking lot area. These sections will be closed from midnight until 5pm during weekdays; opening again for holidays and weekends.
These operations mark the final stage of the first two phases in our Parking Lot, Stadium and Trail expansion project. Once complete, the aforementioned areas will re-open for regular use.
April 10th, 2018


This plan is based on confirmed funding (cash and in kind) provided by the Columbia Basin Trust Recreation Infrastructure Grant, BC Timber Sales, BC Wildfire, BC Rec Sites and Trails, and the RNSC.


The parking lot expansion is planned for Spring 2018, and the Orange and Red trails are planned for the 2018/19 season. The Blue trail is planned for future years.

The Red and Blue trails are designed to reduce congestion on Main Loop and to facilitate gentle climbs to access higher elevation terrain, potentially helping to extend the ski season in the context of climate change.

The Orange trails will provide more trail options close to the lodge for members and loop lengths suitable for races and training. The shaded orange area will be a partial cut, to help expand our stadium area.

Scroll down past the images to read more about the process, the timeline, and the rationale for this expansion.



The Process and Timeline:

2016-2017 Season

  • The RNSC recognized the need to plan some ‘shelf ready’ projects in the event of funding opportunities and started exploring possibilities.


2017-2018 Season

June 2017:

  • The new board confirmed that it wished to proceed on two fronts: strategic planning and developing shelf ready projects

Fall 2017:

  • The board secured the services of a consultant and began to design a process of consultation for the eventual development of a strategic plan as a reference document for the club
  • The board also continued to explore development options for parking and trail expansion
  • The strategic planning process evolved to include surveys and a questionnaire to be completed by the end of January

January 2018:

  • Grant opportunity deadlines were approaching at the end of January
  • The board held a special meeting at the end of January to review input from the Strategic Plan process and trail planning and parking development options in time to meet grant submission deadlines. At the same time partners were consulted. (Rec Sites and Trails BC, the Revelstoke Cycling Association, and BC Timber Sales). Letters of support were received.

February 2018:

  • Grants applications were submitted and the Strategic Plan was continuing to be refined
  • Late February the board met for a weekend retreat with the Strategic Planning Consultant

March/April 2018:

  • The board continued to refine the Strategic Plan and some grants were approved

April 19th 2018

  • The board hosted an information session for members and the general public regarding the Strategic Plan and Trail Development Plan.

May 2018

  •  Project started

The Rationale for this Expansion:


  • Concise, focused
  • Affordable (This expansion commits $3000 club funds with over $120 000 dollars coming in the form of grants and in-kind donations)
  • An additional 3km of trail
  • On our own tenure
  • Addresses many of the suggestions from the Strategic plan:
    • Fun factor for kids
    • Additional trails with gentle slopes
    • Terrain park enhancements
    • New race and training options
    • Bulk of the new trails are at higher elevations
    • Additional access options to mid-level trails may reduce traffic on the Main Loop artery
  • Project to include some minor upgrades and trail maintenance/repairs to our existing trail network while heavy equipment is on site


  • We need to be sure that we support and maintain the trails we already have
  • Partial retention area is close to the lodge and may affect visuals
  • This plan adds more trails to maintain and more trails to groom
  • We may have to review grooming and maintenance schedules