Our Volunteer Groomers

​Thank you Groomers!

The RNSC is lucky to have a dedicated group of members who are not afraid to get out of bed at 6:00am, or 4:00am, or even 2:30am to make their way to the club, start up our groomer, and manicure our trails so that all of our members and guests can enjoy a wonderful day of skiing. We also have a keen group that hops on the skidoo and quad to roll and Ginzu our trails if a smaller machine is needed.

This page is a show of appreciation and recognition for the efforts of our amazing volunteer groomers. It is also a way that you can see the team of people that make a very significant contribution to the function and feel of our club. As you can view below, they are a dedicated group of people with many years of service to our club!

If you see them on the trails or in the line up at the grocery store, be sure to say thanks!

Here are our volunteer groomers for the 2021-2022 Nordic ski season:

Dave Kaegi (Since 2009)

Daryl Ross (Since 2010) & side kick Mickey Olsen!

Rob Evans (Since 2011)

Wade Viznaugh (Since 2011)

Kevin Bollefer (Since 2011)

Tom Patry (Since 2012)

Pat McMechan (Since 2012)

Mark Gunner (Since 2014)

Harry Van Oort (Since 2015)

Mathieu Wallace (Since 2015)

Ryan Gill (Since 2017)

Andres Suarez (Since 2019)
Catherine Allen (Since 2019)