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Ski Trails

The Revelstoke Nordic Day Lodge and Mount Macpherson trail head is seven kilometers south of Revelstoke on Highway 23, on the west side of the highway, at an elevation of 640 meters.  We are “Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club” on google maps.

There are 30 kilometers of groomed trail. All trails are set for both classic and skating techniques. The lodge has a large eating area upstairs with a stove and warm drinks (by donation), and a boot change area and washrooms downstairs.  

There are 6 km of lit trails for night skiing from dusk until 9:30pm every night. Lit trails are Mickey Olsen Loop, Evelyn’s Choice, Dynamite, Titan, the terrain park, and the stadium.

Dogs are permitted only on the dog-friendly trails: Roadway Ramble, Easy Al’s, BCIT, Short Hop, and Ellie’s. The parking lot and stadium areas are mandatory on-leash areas. Backcountry users heading to the Fingers must have dogs on-leash at all times when in RNSC tenure. Snowshoers must have dogs on-leash when crossing XC trails. Our complete Dog Policy can be viewed here, and the Dog Map can be viewed here.

Trail Map

Ole Sandberg Cabin

Ole Sanberg Cabin

The Ole Sandberg cabin located at the junction of Main Loop, Log Roller, and Creek Crawl trails is located 2.5 km from the parking area.  The cabin can be heated by a wood stove (wood can be found on outside deck) and has a covered porch. An outhouse is located behind the hut. First aid supplies and equipment (in backpack) are also stored at the cabin. The cabin is not intended for overnight use.

Seven Bridges snowshoe trail

Come out and try the Seven Bridges snowshoe trail!  It is 4.5 km of rolling terrain through forest and cutblocks. It roughly follows the Stimulus bike trail. Seven Bridges is dog-friendly, but be mindful it is near our ski trails so please keep your dog under control at all times and have them on-leash when crossing XC trails. Snowshoeing is not permitted on groomed trails, except in those places where snowshoe trails cross over our XC trails. At these points, all users should exercise caution and respect.

A parking fee is required to help cover costs associated with maintaining the parking lot and our day lodge, which you are welcome to use.

Trail etiquette

  • Obey all signs and ski within your ability.
  • Pack out all garbage, do not litter.
  • If you happen to fall, fill in your hole and fix the track.
  • Avoid herringboning on set tracks.
  • When stopping, move to the side of the trail.
  • Skiers coming downhill have the right-of-way.
  • Slower skiers should give way to faster skiers.
  • Faster skiers should give a courteous warning when passing slower skiers.
  • When skiing in a group, please travel in single file and ensure that you do not block the trail for others.
  • Snowshoeing is not permitted on groomed trails, except where snowshoe trails intersect with XC trails.  At these points, all users should exercise caution and respect.
  • Fat-tire biking is not allowed on RNSC groomed trails.

In case of an emergency

You are responsible for your own safety when skiing the Macpherson trails. You can help yourself and others by carrying a cellular phone and being able to describe your location. Should a situation arise where you or someone else requires assistance, contact Revelstoke Search and Rescue(SAR). They can be reached through the RCMP by calling 911. Revelstoke SAR is a volunteer group that maintains a snowmobile with a toboggan, and have members trained in first aid. Call ahead to the hospital, 250-837-2131, to let them know you are coming.

While waiting for the snowmobile to arrive (this will take awhile), it is important to keep the victim warm. The club provides backpacks containing insulating pads, blankets, and first aid kits. These are kept at the Ole Sandberg Hut, the Day Lodge and at the junction of Hydro Hill and Cedar Ramble. The groomer also carries first aid materials.

To avoid this situation:

  1. Always ski prepared. Bring water, extra clothing and snacks.
  2. Keep to the marked trails.
  3. Tell someone where you are going.

For our complete Rescue Plan, please click here.