2013 AGM Report


photo credit: D. Koerber RNSC

Presidents Report

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The 2012/13 ski season felt like it was the year that the Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club hit its stride with all cylinders running! We have figured out the intricacies of running our new facilities,the grooming team and groomers ran well, and our new coach Matt Smider hit the ground running in the fall and did a stellar job of running our ski league, Masters and instructional programs. Some of the noteworthy accomplishments of the year include:
• Hiring of Matt Smider as the new Head Coach;
• Construction of new Pole Barn for the snowmobile grooming equipment;
• Printing of new brochure and other promotional material;
• Successfully hosting of the Teck Midget Championships; a major cross country ski race event;
• Running a ski league program with over 80 youths;
• Development of a Club Policy and Procedures Manual;
• Holding a twice weekly Master Ski sessions that were well attended and received.

Thank you to all of the many club volunteers who made this list of accomplishments happen. Were it not for the dedication and commitment of our club volunteers, none of this would have happened. Our plans for the upcoming summer include the replacement of the BCIT trail bridge, and construction of a new connector trail that will join the BCIT trail directly to Beaver Lake Trail and by‐passing the steep hair‐pin corner. The old trail will now be used as an extension to theDog Loop to include all of Easy La’s and BCIT trails. We are hoping to do some work on expanding the parking lot over the summer to increase our car parking capacity. Finally, we will have our annual trail brushing work party sometime in the early fall. Stay tuned for details.

Building upon the success of hosting the Teck Midget Championships, we have been offered and accepted the opportunity to hold a one day Okanagan Cup race on December 29, 2013. It will be good practise of the skills we learnt hosting the Midget races.
Have a great summer and see you in the fall.
Dave Kaegi
Club President