Nordic News: November 30th, 2017

November 30th, 2017

Hello to the Nordic Folk of Revelstoke!

Let’s hope that this little patch of warmer weather gives way to some snow on our trails.  Until we open officially, here some of the news you need to be ready for when the snow flies:

It’s time to get your Season’s Pass!

The membership registration link is available on Zone4.  Click here – Zone 4: Membership – and get your season’s pass today!  You can also copy, paste, and share this link with your friends:

A New Weather Station at the RNSC 

Looking at some of the data coming out of the RNSC renegade weather station, there is snow in the forecast!  Thanks to Mike Thomas for setting up a weather station that provides weather data for us to share on the RNSC website:  It’s a work in progress, but you can look for weather updates on our homepage and on trail reports.


Membership Tags

Membership tags will be available in the lodge during our regular lodge hours.  We encourage members to wear their tags in a visible location at all times.  This year, we’ve switched to a smaller keytag for our membership passes and we hope the size and style of these new passes will make them easier and more stylish for you to wear.  🙂

Ski Programs are Starting!

December 2nd is the start date for some of our ski programs (Bunnies start January 6th, 2018) and the fun begins even if the trails are not open.  There is a pancake breakfast that starts at 9am and kids should be with their coaches at 9:45am.  For more information about ski programs, check the program page on our website.  Yes, it is still possible to register and get in on the fun.

Keep your fingers crossed for snow and we will see you on the trails!

-Jeff Wilson

RNSC (Communications)