Alta Gas Report – January 2014

Alta Gas Report

Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club

January 2014


With two months of skiing under our belts, the Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club is marching forwards with a head full of steam! Our programming begins with three year-old Bunnies and carries on through to Master’s skiers with more decades on snow than you can count on one hand.


The basis of our program is rooted in our Race Team, comprised of athletes from nine to 17 years of age. These athletes train as group three to five times weekly under the direction of Coach Matt and with the generous support of coaches Bruce Granstrom, Rory Luxmoore and Katie Nash. Thus far in the 2013-14 season, we have competed in three significant races (NORAM, Okanagan Cup and two BC Cups) and one loppet (Reino Keski). Over the course of the racing season, the team will compete in the Okanagan Cup Finale, the Midget Championships, Western Championships and the BC Championships. Coaches all agree how wonderful it is to work with a group of young athletes who are committed to improving their fitness and technique, gaining experience on the race course and realizing their season’s objectives!  Below is a compiled list of our top results this season – great work skiers!


NORAM, December 7th & 8th at Sovereign Lake Nordic Ski Club

8th Alana Brittin (Juvenile Girls, 5km Interval Classic)


Okanagan Cup, December 29th at Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club

1st Simon Blackie (Midget Boys 1, 3.5km Interval Classic)

1st Alana Brittin (Midget Girls 2, 3.5km Interval Classic)

2nd Nelson Luxmoore (Bantam Boys 1, 2.5km Interval Classic)

3rd Francesco Morrone (Pee Wee Boys 1, 1.5km Interval Classic)

3rd Miika Park (Midget Girls 1, 3.5km Interval Classic)

3rd Elizabeth Elliott (Midget Girls 2, 3.5km Interval Classic)

3rd Tayla Koerber (Junior Girls, 10km Interval Classic)


*This Okanagan Cup served as a BC Winter Games Qualifier. Our four eligible athletes: Kate Granstrom, Beth Granstrom, Elizabeth Elliott and Alana Brittin qualified to compete in the event held in Mission/Callaghan Valley on Feburary 22nd – 24th. Coach Matt will be the co-coach for the Okanagan region at the event.


BC Cup, January 4th & 5th at Caledonia Nordic Ski Club

1st Alana Brittin (Midget Girls 2, 3.3km Interval Classic)

2nd Alexandra Luxmoore (Pee Wee Girls 2, 250m Skate Sprint; 1km Interval Classic)

3rd Nelson Luxmoore (Bantam Boys 1, 400m Skate Sprint; 2.3km Interval Classic)

3rd Simon Blackie (Midget Boys 1, 400m Skate Sprint; 3.3km Interval Classic)

3rd Miika Park (Midget Girls 1, 3.3km Interval Classic)


BC Cup, January 25th and 26th at Overlander Nordic Ski Club

1st Simon Blackie (Midget Boys 1, 3.75km Mass Start Classic)

1st Alana Brittin (Midget Girls 2, 3.75km Mass Start Classic)

2nd Francesco Morrone (Pee Wee Boys 2, Interval Skate)

3rd Nelson Luxmoore (Bantam Boys 1, Interval Skate)

3rd Simon Blackie (Midget Boys, Interval Skate)




A new addition to our event calendar has been the Headlamp Heroes (HH) Wednesday Night Race Series. These friendly toonie races have already begun to stir up rivalries amongst good-hearted competitors. The inaugural event on December 15th was sponsored by Skookum and saw 34 skiers race either a 1.5km, 3.75km or 7.5km Classic Individual Start event. On January 15th the second HH event was an exciting Skate Sprint held within the confines of our stadium sprint loop. 42 competitors were treated to high-speed action, including falls and finish line lunges, topped off with a chili feast courtesy of the Village Idiot. On February 5th, skiers will compete in a 1.5km, 5km or 10km Skate Mass Start event sponsored by Free Spirit Sports. Flowt will be proudly sponsoring the series finale, a four-person team relay. The first two 2.5km legs will be classic and the final two 2.5km legs will be skate. The best part about all these events is that you no longer need an excuse to sport your most fluorescent spandex get-up!


Currently, there are have 12 individuals who participate in our technique-based Adult Intermediate and Advanced classes run on Tuesday evenings OR Thursday afternoons. New for this season is our Wednesday Night Open Sessions on non-race night Wednesdays. Participants may either classic or skate during these fitness-based sessions aimed at offering an option for adult skiers who want a group training opportunity. In addition to the Adult Classes and Open Training, we have had 26 skiers take part in our One Day Ski Clinics!


Finally, Columbia Park Elementary has kicked off our Ski Skool program for this season and will be sending their fourth graders to the Pirate Loppet in Salmon Arm. Begbie View and Arrow Heights will be joining us for their February Ski Skool bookings.


With lots of great skiing left in the season, it is important to mention how the continued support from Alta Gas has provided Revelstoke Nordic the opportunity to provide an extensive development program. Stay tuned for more to come!


Matt Smider

Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club Head Coach


Week of January 27th

Hi folks,
Here’s the schedule for this week:
Tuesday: 4:30 – 6:30 (all – skiers who competed last weekend and are feeling exam pressures and/or sickness, please take Tuesday off)
Wednesday: 4:30 – 6:30 (2001 & older)
Thursday: 4:30 – 6:30 (all)
Saturday: TEAM SCREAM! Animal Costumes required! Registration from 9:30 -10:30, racing begins at 11
Classic and/or skate
Sunday: Okanagan Cup in Penticton! Registration closes Wednesday, January 29th at 10pm

Week of January 20th

Hey Revelstoke Nordic!

Note the featured imaged – Alex Harvey wins Gold at World Cup Skate Sprint in Poland! Kershaw finished 18th in sprint. Harvey was 4th in the following day’s 15km classic mass start; Kershaw was 8th and Babikov 9th. Things are heatin’ up just in time for the Olympics!

Here’s what’s important for skiers young & old(er) this week:

Tuesday: 4:30 – 6:30 (all)
Adult Intermediate & Advanced: 7-8:30
Wednesday: 4:30 – 6:30 (2001 & older)
Adult Open Training: 7-8:30
Thursday: 4:30 – 6:30 (REST DAY, unless you are not doing Pirate Loppet and/or are not pre-skiing course on Friday).
Adult Intermediate & Advanced: 12:30-2
Friday: Pirate Loppet!
Pre-ski course in Kamloops (Skate).
Saturday: BC Cup Kamloops
9:45 – 10:00
Skate @ Machperson
Sunday: BC Cup Kamloops

Week of January 13th

Here’s our schedule for the week:
Tuesday: 4:30 – 6:30 (TA & JD)
Headlamp Heroes! 
Registration 6 – 6:30; racing begins at 7!
Skate Sprints!
Village Idiot is providing chilli for the event!
Thursday: 4:30 – 6:30 (TA & JD)
Reino Keski Loppet – Saturday, January 18th: Larch Hills (Salmon Arm)
This is a classic loppet suitable for all levels and ages!  Here’s the link with all necessary information: Online registration is available until January 16th.
If not attending the Reino, there will be practice as usual from 10 – 12. Skiers will be classic skiing.

A testimonial!

I visited friends in Revelstoke during Christmas and enjoyed three days of skiing at your fantastic Mt. Macpherson trail system. [Your] trails and the entire nordic experience that you provide was the highlight of my Christmas. I am a Calgarian who does his cross-country skiing exclusively in the Rocky Mountains of the Kananaskis area, so this was my first time skiing somewhere else. You have much more snow, bigger trees and a wonderful “feel” to the trail system. And I ski with my dog, so thank you for providing this experience for those who want to exercise their dogs, too. Your trails, track setting and day lodge are all first class.

Well done! I can’t wait to get back to Revy to indulge again in the ultimate nordic experience.

Week of January 6th

Good week to all!

Here’s what is going with our Master’s skiers this week:


Adult: Intermediate and Advanced Technique begins January 7th

Tuesdays from 7 – 8:30pm OR Thursdays from 12:30 – 2:00pm

Choose one session to attend weekly. 10 sessions alternating between skate and classic. First week will be classic technique.

Cost is $125. Contact to register.


Wednesday Night Open Training continues January 8th

7 – 9pm on non-Headlamp Hero Wednesday evenings (i.e., when there isn’t a race). No cost for members. Non-members must pay trail

fee. Option of workouts based on fitness level and training objectives.

This week our workout will be focused on preparing for next week’s Skate Sprints! Therefore, we will be skating…


And our TA and JD training schedule:


Tuesday: 4:30 – 6:30 (TA & JD)
Wednesday: 4:30 – 6:30 (2001 & older)
Bring yoga mat!
Thursday: 4:30 – 6:30 (TA & JD)
Saturday: 9:30 – 12:30 (TA)
12:30 – 3:00 (JD)




Master’s Update

Hey Revelstoke Masters Skiers!

Here are events to look forward to:


Adult: Intermediate and Advanced Technique begins January 7th

Tuesdays from 7 – 8:30pm OR Thursdays from 12:30 – 2:00pm

Choose one session to attend weekly. 10 sessions alternating between skate and classic. First week will be classic technique.

Cost is $125. Contact to register.


Wednesday Night Open Training continues January 8th

7 – 9pm on non-Headlamp Hero Wednesday evenings (i.e., when there isn’t a race). No cost for members. Non-members must pay trail fee. Option of workouts based on fitness level and training objectives.


One Day Ski Clinic on January 19th

On Sunday, January 19th there will be a One Day Ski Clinic with both classic and skate instruction. Session schedule is as follows:

Classic: 10am – 12pm
Skate: 1pm – 3pm
$20 / 2hr session + trail fee for non-members


2013-14 Headlamp Heroes Results

 Headlamp Heroes #1 – Classic Interval Start

December 18th, 2013

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 3.57.59 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 3.58.13 PM


Headlamp Heroes #2 – Sprint Free

January 15th, 2014

600m – Kings Court Final Results

1.         Russell Kennedy

2.         Kellen Viznaugh

3.         Matt Smider

4.         Brendan MacIntosh

5.         Gordon Mason

6.         Gina Cinelli

7.         Rory Luxmoore

8.         Don

9.         Simon Blackie

10.       Alana Brittin

11.       Norm Tennant

12.       Sarah Newton

13.       Tayla Koerber

14.       Erik Brosch

15.       Sally Thompson

16.       Penny Page-Brittin

17.       Daniel Blackie * incorrect heat placement

18.       Isaac Smith

19.       Elizabeth Elliott

20.       Kate Granstrom

21.       Bruce Granstrom

22.       Nelson Luxmoore

23.       Carol Prince

24.       Max Opatril

25.       Miika Park

26.       Robyn Thomas

27.       Emily Suchy

DNS     Phil Wood

DNS     Heidi Hopkins

DNS     Kevan McCroy


Headlamp Heroes #3 – Mass Start Free

February 5th, 2014


1.         Erik Brosch                                        4:55

2.         Nelson Luxmoore                              4:58

3.         Hannah Vickers                                 5:19

4.         Rebecca Brosch                                 5:44

5.         Alexandra Luxmoore                                    5:58

6.         Nyssa Thomas                                   7:26


1.         Simon Blackie                                    16:20

2.         Tayla Koerber                                   16:47

3.         Alana Brittin                                      16:57

4.         Beth Granstrom                                 17:36

5.         Kate Granstrom                                 17:57

6.         Bruce Granstrom                               23:11

7.         Jaclyn Elliott                                       25:21

7.         Miika Park                                          25:21

9.         Bev Brosch                                         28:12

10.       Eden Thomas                                    28:58

11.       Robyn Thomas                                  29:02


1.         Kellen Viznaugh                                13:41              14:17              27:58

2.         Matt Smider                                       13:41              14:30              28:11

3.         Brendan MacIntosh                          15:04              15:27              30:41

4.         Rory Luxmoore                                  14:59              15:46              30:45

5.         Mike Kozak                                        15:05              16:56              32:01

6.         Gina Cinelli                                         16:05              17:10              33:17

7.         Daniel Blackie                                    16:27              17:06              33:33

8.         Stewart Smith                                    16:27              18:08              34:35

9.         Rich Hamilton                                    17:15              18:04              35:19

10.       Carol Prince                                       17:20              18:41              36:01

11.       Sarah Newton                                    17:44              20:19              38:03

12.       Isaac Smith                                        17:20              20:42              38:57

13.       Richard Brittin                                   19:25              20:47              40:08

14.       Adam Perdue                                                19:28              20:50              40:18

15.       Emily Suchy                                       21:13              22:30              43:43


Headlamp Heroes #4 – Mixed Relay

March 5th, 2014

 4 x 2.5km

1.         Kellen Viznaugh                                8:18                8:18

Gina Cinelli                                         10:32              18:50

Tayla Koerber                                   9:41                28:31

Kellen Viznaugh                                7:53                36:24

2.         Alana Brittin                                      10:24              10:24

Kate Granstrom                                 11:16              21:40

Mike Kozak                                        9:08                30:48

Elizabeth Elliott                                 10:10              40:58

3.         Rory Luxmoore                                  9:25                9:25

Sarah Newton                                    13:31              22:56

Carol Prince                                       10:23              33:19

Rich Hamilton                                    9:45                43:04

4.         Lois Opatril                                        15:34              15:34

Maxine Opatril                                  12:09              27:43

Isaac Smith                                        10:16              37:59

Gordon Mason                                   8:32                46:31

5.         Norm Tennant                                   11:05              11:05

Tammy Viznaugh                              12:07              23:12

Penny Page-Brittin                           13:29              36:41

Wade Viznaugh                                 10:22              47:03

6.         Miika Park                                          11:51              11:51

Emily Suchy                                       12:07              23:58

Alexandra Luxmoore                      12:33              36:31

Jaclyn Elliott                                       11:09              47:40

7.         Bev Brosch                                         14:48              14:48

Bart Jarmula                                      9:13                24:01

Rebecca Brosch                                 12:13              36:14

Hannah Vickers                                 11:52              48:06

8.         Erik Brosch                                        12:23              12:33

Arianna Morrone                              13:12              25:45

Francesco Morrone                           12:40              38:25

Nelson Luxmoore                              11:32              49:57

9.         Matt Smider                                       9:00                9:00

Adam Burdett                                    18:10              27:10

Heidi Hopkins                                    11:08              38:18

Sean Gallagher                                  12:13              50:31