Boxing Day until January 5th

Happy holidays to all skiers and their families!

A reminder that registration for the BC Cup in PG closes December 30th @ 11:59 PST. The Race Notice is available here:

Here’s our schedule for the next while:

Thursday, December 26th: 10 – 12 (JD & TA)
Saturday, December 28th: 9:30 – 12 (JD & TA)
Sunday, December 29th: Okanagan Cup / BC Winter Games Trials!
Tuesday, December 31st: 10 – 12 (JD & TA)
Wednesday, January 1st: Latern Ski from 5 – 8 (anyone from the littlest gromlets to the crustiest ol’ skiers)
Thursday, January 2nd: 10 – 12 (JD & TA)
Friday, January 3rd: early morning bus trip to PG (time TBD)
Saturday, January 4th: 9:30 – 12 (JD & TA — not in PG)
Sunday, January 5th: Larch Hills Fun Race (once again — skiers not in PG)