Member Info: Revision of by-laws

Attention RNSC Members: By-Law Revisions in Process

This update to members is from our “Transition Committee” made up of Gary Graf (Club President), Lori Milmine (Club Secretary), Josie Woodman (Director at Large) and Kelsey Knoll (Club Manager).  The purpose of this committee is to guide our club through the transition process that is required of all non-profit clubs in BC since the legislative change to the Societies Act in November 2016. The club has two years to complete the process, but there are advantages to our club if we complete the new bylaw adoption at our AGM in April.  This is the first step in updating and aligning all our governing documents to current standards.

The following information contains:

  1. Background Information, links to the relevant legislation, and a review of our intentions.
  2. The proposed process and an invitation to you, our members, about any revisions to the draft by-laws that you think are needed.

Background Information:

In developing these by-laws we have tried to:

  1. a) Comply with the new Societies Act
  2. b) Clarify and simplify
  3. c) Change the by-laws to reflect current club practice and what we believe the club members want.

Note:   As part of the process we need to remove everything from the constitution except the name of the club and its purposes.  We cannot change the purposes or the name of the club as part of this process.  Everything else that was in the constitution now must go in the bylaws word-for-word.  The club can change these items later if it chooses.

Proposed Process:

  1. We invite comments from you, our members, about any revisions to the draft by-laws you think are needed.  The current constitution and bylaws can be found here. The revised ones can be found here
  2. Please email your comments and suggestions to in to  [email protected]by MARCH 27th, 2017.
  3. We will consider comments and incorporate them as needed into a new draft.
  4. We plan to ask the membership to adopt the revised bylaws by “Special Resolution” at the AGM on April 11, 2017.
  5. If bylaws are adopted, we will submita “Transition Application” to the government to formalise the updates.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

The Transition Committee (Gary Graf, Kelsey Knoll, Lori Milmine, Josie Woodman)

-on behalf of the Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club Board of Directors