Yoga For Nordic Skiers

Balu Yoga is offering Nordic-specific yoga classes this fall!
Classes Start on Monday, September 12, 2016

The practice of yoga can help prevent injury by teaching you techniques that help you become more embodied giving you a greater understanding of how to move your body in a way that supports your overall well being. Skiing is a sport that builds lots of lower body strength and the practice of yoga helps with building upper body strength while also stretching out your lower body to aid in increased mobility. Also helps build equilibrium in the body, we tend to have areas in our body that compensates for weaker areas, and with the practice of yoga you can learn to become more balanced in your body which benefits not only skiing, but also the emotional imbalances we are meet with at different times of our lives and different times of the year.

Dates: Classes are held on Monday nights, September 12th -November 28th, 2016 (Note: no class on Halloween Monday)

Time: 7:30pm-8:45pm

Cost: $121

For more information, contact the studio at [email protected] or 250-837-3975 or book online at