Team Scream 2016 Results!

A giant thank you to all the volunteers, skiers and spectators who made this year’s Tropical Team Scream an event to remember.  The costumes, the racing, the food, the timing, the marshalling, the parking, the Bunny Race,  the registration, the bib prep, the cookie medals, the first-aid, the awards and prizes, the poster artwork, the sound system, the photography, the grooming, the clean-up… there were over 30 volunteers and 85 racers!   High-fives all around!  And another one to the sun – that eventually burned through the clouds and turned the day truly tropical!  – Eleanor Wilson

A very big THANK YOU to Eleanor for bringing such a great event together; we all had a great time!

Team Scream 2016-Results

2013-14 Headlamp Heroes Results

 Headlamp Heroes #1 – Classic Interval Start

December 18th, 2013

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 3.57.59 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 3.58.13 PM


Headlamp Heroes #2 – Sprint Free

January 15th, 2014

600m – Kings Court Final Results

1.         Russell Kennedy

2.         Kellen Viznaugh

3.         Matt Smider

4.         Brendan MacIntosh

5.         Gordon Mason

6.         Gina Cinelli

7.         Rory Luxmoore

8.         Don

9.         Simon Blackie

10.       Alana Brittin

11.       Norm Tennant

12.       Sarah Newton

13.       Tayla Koerber

14.       Erik Brosch

15.       Sally Thompson

16.       Penny Page-Brittin

17.       Daniel Blackie * incorrect heat placement

18.       Isaac Smith

19.       Elizabeth Elliott

20.       Kate Granstrom

21.       Bruce Granstrom

22.       Nelson Luxmoore

23.       Carol Prince

24.       Max Opatril

25.       Miika Park

26.       Robyn Thomas

27.       Emily Suchy

DNS     Phil Wood

DNS     Heidi Hopkins

DNS     Kevan McCroy


Headlamp Heroes #3 – Mass Start Free

February 5th, 2014


1.         Erik Brosch                                        4:55

2.         Nelson Luxmoore                              4:58

3.         Hannah Vickers                                 5:19

4.         Rebecca Brosch                                 5:44

5.         Alexandra Luxmoore                                    5:58

6.         Nyssa Thomas                                   7:26


1.         Simon Blackie                                    16:20

2.         Tayla Koerber                                   16:47

3.         Alana Brittin                                      16:57

4.         Beth Granstrom                                 17:36

5.         Kate Granstrom                                 17:57

6.         Bruce Granstrom                               23:11

7.         Jaclyn Elliott                                       25:21

7.         Miika Park                                          25:21

9.         Bev Brosch                                         28:12

10.       Eden Thomas                                    28:58

11.       Robyn Thomas                                  29:02


1.         Kellen Viznaugh                                13:41              14:17              27:58

2.         Matt Smider                                       13:41              14:30              28:11

3.         Brendan MacIntosh                          15:04              15:27              30:41

4.         Rory Luxmoore                                  14:59              15:46              30:45

5.         Mike Kozak                                        15:05              16:56              32:01

6.         Gina Cinelli                                         16:05              17:10              33:17

7.         Daniel Blackie                                    16:27              17:06              33:33

8.         Stewart Smith                                    16:27              18:08              34:35

9.         Rich Hamilton                                    17:15              18:04              35:19

10.       Carol Prince                                       17:20              18:41              36:01

11.       Sarah Newton                                    17:44              20:19              38:03

12.       Isaac Smith                                        17:20              20:42              38:57

13.       Richard Brittin                                   19:25              20:47              40:08

14.       Adam Perdue                                                19:28              20:50              40:18

15.       Emily Suchy                                       21:13              22:30              43:43


Headlamp Heroes #4 – Mixed Relay

March 5th, 2014

 4 x 2.5km

1.         Kellen Viznaugh                                8:18                8:18

Gina Cinelli                                         10:32              18:50

Tayla Koerber                                   9:41                28:31

Kellen Viznaugh                                7:53                36:24

2.         Alana Brittin                                      10:24              10:24

Kate Granstrom                                 11:16              21:40

Mike Kozak                                        9:08                30:48

Elizabeth Elliott                                 10:10              40:58

3.         Rory Luxmoore                                  9:25                9:25

Sarah Newton                                    13:31              22:56

Carol Prince                                       10:23              33:19

Rich Hamilton                                    9:45                43:04

4.         Lois Opatril                                        15:34              15:34

Maxine Opatril                                  12:09              27:43

Isaac Smith                                        10:16              37:59

Gordon Mason                                   8:32                46:31

5.         Norm Tennant                                   11:05              11:05

Tammy Viznaugh                              12:07              23:12

Penny Page-Brittin                           13:29              36:41

Wade Viznaugh                                 10:22              47:03

6.         Miika Park                                          11:51              11:51

Emily Suchy                                       12:07              23:58

Alexandra Luxmoore                      12:33              36:31

Jaclyn Elliott                                       11:09              47:40

7.         Bev Brosch                                         14:48              14:48

Bart Jarmula                                      9:13                24:01

Rebecca Brosch                                 12:13              36:14

Hannah Vickers                                 11:52              48:06

8.         Erik Brosch                                        12:23              12:33

Arianna Morrone                              13:12              25:45

Francesco Morrone                           12:40              38:25

Nelson Luxmoore                              11:32              49:57

9.         Matt Smider                                       9:00                9:00

Adam Burdett                                    18:10              27:10

Heidi Hopkins                                    11:08              38:18

Sean Gallagher                                  12:13              50:31



Teck BC Midgets Race Results


photo credit: D. Koerber RNSC

Tech BC Midgets

Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club showcased Revelstoke’s skiing talent, organizational skills, and trails this weekend in high fashion. Skiers from Smithers to Vancouver Island competed in the Teck Midget Cross Country Ski Championships.  The 182 athletes, including 23 Revelstoke skiers, were thoroughly entertained and exhausted during the two days of races that took place this past weekend.

2.5 km Interval Start, Classic Race, Saturday- The weekend of racing started out with a lung busting 2.5 km interval start, classic technique race. Coaches were impressed with the fact that the course had a bit of everything- a long climb off the start, a harrowing descent, nice straight stretches, and what is a race without a heartbreaking uphill to the finish?Revelstoke highlights included a half dozen skiers competing in their first ever official race, and 4th place finishes from Nelson Luxmoore and Jaclyn Elliott.

4 x 1.5 Classic/Free technique Relay, Saturday- this event was a crowd pleaser, as groups of four skiers, doing two legs of classic, and two legs of free technique battled it out on Saturday afternoon. The sound was deafening as the first skier for Revelstoke, Alana Brittin came into the transition area to give Kate Granstrom a twelve second lead over the Hollyburn Nordic (Vancouver) team.  Granstrom took the lead and added to it, as did her twin sister Beth Granstrom.  Elizabeth Elliott had the trail to herself as she crossed the finish line to the jumping on their feet, cheering audience.  The Revelstoke win over Hollyburn ended up being almost a minute, and one of sweet victory.

300 metre free technique sprint, Sunday- While the sun was a welcome addition to the Teck Midget Championships this weekend, the warmer weather made for difficult conditions on the sprint course. Soft snow and a nail biting downhill hairpin corner were a challenge to most skiers on Sunday.  Elizabeth Elliott’s 3rd place and Alana Brittin’s 4th place were outstanding highlights for the Revelstoke Nordic Ski team.

In the aggregate points race for the weekend, Revelstoke Nordic Ski Team finished with a terrific 3rd place out of the 19 teams in attendance. Chief of Race and Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club President Dave Kaegi commented, “this weekend exceeded our expectations.  I was absolutely thrilled with the ability of our club to host a major provincial level event, the ability of our facilities to withstand the presence of 500 athletes, parents, coaches, and the efforts of our volunteers, numbering 80 each day- none of this could have happened without having such an incredible and outstanding volunteer base.”

Abigail May, Larch Hills Nordic Ski Team coach raved, “I think that Revelstoke pulled out all the stops to put on an amazing event. They flawlessly overcame the adversity of the rain. The course was in fantastic shape, and made for really fantastic skiing. The club volunteers were really friendly and welcoming.  The volunteers clearly put in a great effort and should receive a big thank you from skiers from across the province.”



2.5 KM Classic Ski, Interval Start (Saturday) 2003 Girls

1st– Sophia Van Varseveld (Larch Hills, Salmon Arm)

2nd –Claire Van Bergeyk (Larch Hills)

3rd –Elle Johnston (Whistler Nordic)

4th Jaclyn Elliott (Revelstoke)

5th Lindsay Worrell (Methow Valley, Washington State)

6th Emily McCloud (Revelstoke)

8th Devyn Gale (Revelstoke)

9th Zoe Larson (Revelstoke)

10th Arianna Morrone (Revelstoke)

2.5 KM Classic Ski, Interval Start (Saturday) 2003 Boys

1st– Trond May (Larch Hills, Salmon Arm)

2nd– Damian Georgyev (Caledonia, Prince George)

3rd– Ian Mayer (Telemark, Kelowna)

4th Nelson Luxmoore (Revelstoke)

5th Carson Damery (Strathcona, Vancouver Island)

2.5 KM Classic Ski, Interfal Start (Saturday) 2000 Girls

6th Alana Brittin (Revelstoke)

7th Kate Granstrom (Revelstoke)

Classic and Free Technique RELAY (4×1.5 km) (Saturday) GIRLS

1st Revelstoke Nordic- Alana Brittin, Kate Granstrom, Beth Granstrom, Elizabeth Elliott

2nd Hollyburn (Vancouver)

3rd Sovereign Lake (Vernon)

4th Kimberley Nordic

5th Larch Hills

Sunday, 300 metre free technique sprint, girls 2003 birth year

1st Elle Johnston, Whistler

2nd Lindsay Worrell, Methow Valley

3rd Sophie Van Varseveld, Larch Hills

4th Claire Van Bergerk, Larch Hills

5th Emily McCloud, Revelstoke

7th Jaclyn Elliott, Revelstoke

8th Devyn Gale, Revelstoke

Sunday, 300 metre free technique sprint, boys 2003

9th Nelson Luxmoore, Revelstoke

Sunday, 300 metre free technique sprint, girls 2000 birth year

1st Maxine Forder, Hollyburn

2nd Benita Peiffer, Whistler

3rd Elizabeth Elliott, Revelstoke

4th Alana Brittin, Revelstoke

5th Sydney Embleton, Sovereign (Kelowna)

Aggregate Team Winners (overall team points for the weekend)

1st Larch Hills (Salmon Arm)

2nd Strathcona (Mt. Washington)

3rd Revelstoke Nordic 

4th Telemark

5th Whistler

In addition to racing, athletes reveled in the other events of the weekend: a banquet at the community centre that included esteemed guests such as Mayor David Raven and three Olympic cross country skiing athletes- Chris Jefferies, Stefan Kuhn, and Drew Goldsack.  Mayor Raven’s brief history lesson on the history of skiing in Revelstoke impressed the dinner guests and helped explain why we have such a strong cross country ski community to this day. The Olympians inspired and impressed the young athletes with their stories of the challenges of their paths to the national team. Of course a flash mob, dance contest, and a myriad of draw prizes also made many a happy skier this weekend.

Revelstoke Coach Matt Smider was thrilled with how the weekend unfolded:  “What an impressive showing from our athletes at the premiere event for their age group. This was a highly competitive weekend with 182 athletes  across four age groups. Some of our skiers competed against competitors that they had never competed against before. Often times we think of home court advantage, but this weekend there was actually an added pressure of competing at home. Our skiers did admirably, achieving results beyond what they thought possible. The Teck Midget Championships was the culminating event to a very successful season and the whole community should be thrilled with how our skiers and volunteers performed.”

Special Awards and Results:

Heart Award- to the boy and girl who showed the most heart by overcoming adversity, in Saturday’s races.  Elizabeth MacDowell of Revelstoke was the girl’s winner. Elizabeth, one of the youngest racers competing this weekend, overcame her extreme case of nerves to compete, allowing her team to finish the 4 x 1.5 km skate skiing and classic relay. The boy winner was Marek Van Bylandt of Hollyburn Nordic Ski Club (Vancouver) who skied to a strong finish, even with a broken ski boot.

Classic Skiing Technique Awards (best technique in today’s races)- Arianna Morrone (Revelstoke), Johan Henckel (Strathcona), Sophie LaChapelle (Telemark), and Novie McCabe (Methow Valley). This was Arianna’s first ever race, and it certainly bodes well for her future athletic career to be singled out by the technique judges.