photo credit: D.Koerber RNSC

Tips Up: Get in Shape for the season

So you have the beginning-of-the-season-feeling-slow-blues and you’re asking: “How can I be in better shape for the ski season?” The answer is pole-walking/running. The next time you hike or run on your favourite trail bring your ski poles along. It will add variety to your off season activities and help get you ready for the ski season. Just using the poles as walking sticks will have some effect, but to really get the most of it, here are some tips:

  1. Use poles slightly shorter than your regular classic poles.
  2. Use old, broken baskets – or they soon will be!
  3. Walk or run with your poles as you would when skiing. Really think about using your whole upper body to push yourself forward (lean into it).
  4. Lead with your hips using a long stride to simulate skiing.
  5. Run on the downhills without poles and “ski walk” with your poles on the uphills to maintain a steady heart rate.
  6. For those with energy to spare, try bounding up shorter hills using your poles to help you leap from one foot to the next.