Trailblazers (10+)

For skiers who want exposure to adventure activities including avalanche awareness, local environment & ecology, orienteering, and survival skills while improving skills and fitness..  We continue technique development for the recreational skier and encourage athletes to join our Club wide events such as Team Scream and Mini-Olympics.  Our program is hosted by various volunteers coaches and special guest leaders who ensure that the Trailblazers experience all the trails that RNSC has to offer.

The goals of the Trailblazers program are to:

  • Encourage FUN and participation to build a lifelong interest in xc skiing and the outdoors.
  • Develop ABC’s: Agility, Balance, Coordination and speed.
  • Encourage frequent cross-country skiing during the season.
  • Develop good technique habits through repeated practice.
  • Nurture a team/social atmosphere.
  • Encourage inter-club social, skill and fitness-oriented ski activities.