Trail Etiquette

Trail Etiquette

Nordic Skiing

  • Obey all signs and ski within your ability.
  • Pack out all garbage, do not litter.
  • If you happen to fall, fill in your hole and fix the track.
  • Avoid herringbone on set tracks.
  • When stopping, move to the side of the trail.
  • Nordic skiers coming downhill have the right-of-way.
  • Slower skiers should give way to faster skiers.
  • Faster skiers should give a courteous warning when passing slower skiers.
  • When skiing in a group, please travel in single file and ensure that you do not block the trail for others.


  • Please use designated snowshoe trails.  Some of the summer bike trails may be usable, but these are not maintained by the club.
  • Snowshoeing (or walking in your boots) is not permitted on groomed trails, except where snowshoe trails cross over XC trails.  At these points, all users should exercise caution and respect.

Backcountry Skiers

  • Ascending and descending, backcountry skiers should only use Main Loop and Mountain Climb trails, and stay within the wands. Those skiers travelling with a dog must have it on a leash at all times.  If you travel on any other trails, use the dog loop, or visit the Ole Sandberg Cabin you should purchase a trail pass ($11) for each member in your party.

Fat-Tire Biking

  • Fat-tire biking is not allowed on RNSC groomed trails.


  • Tobogganing is not an ‘official’ activity at our club.  However, we recognize that this is a fun, winter activity for families after a ski.
  • Please do not use the trails or hills in the stadium area.
  • Exercise caution at all times.
  • The ‘Terrain Park’ is the designated area for building jumps, playing in the snow, and tobogganing.
  • Be respectful of our groomed trails and watch for skiers as they approach the lodge on the Mickey Olsen loop.