Grooming Report

Feb 21stth, 2020.

-8*C @  9AM

Everything groomed this AM except ellies and shorthop. Skiing is incredible today! Enjoy your ski.

Please be aware that the parking lot and stairs are icy and slippery!


Suggestion: Wear you winter boots and perhaps mini crampons/spikes to get to the lodge and put your ski boots on in the lodge.

Scroll down to the map below to see when a trail was last groomed.

Grooming information is also available on our snow phone: (250) 837-7303.

For a more detailed weather report check out the RNSC weather station.

Dog Loop

Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
BCIT2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Easy Al’s2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Ellie’s2020-02-20     08:33:20am
Roadway Ramble2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Short Hop2020-02-20     08:33:20am

North/Beaver Lake

Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
Beaver Lake Road2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Cedar Ramble2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Creek Crawl2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Hydro Hill2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Hydro Way2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Log Roller2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Novice Glide2020-02-21     07:10:11am

West/Main Loop

Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
Connector2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Glen’s Glide2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Main Loop2020-02-21     07:10:11am


Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
Dynamite2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Evelyn’s Choice2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Fish Hook2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Fish Hook/Titan Connector2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Glen’s Cutoff2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Lower Grunt2020-02-17     12:02:17am
Mickey Olsen2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Snakes n’ Ladders2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Titan2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Upper Grunt2020-02-21     07:10:11am

Stadium and Jackrabbit Flats

Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
Little Dippet2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Stadium Trails2020-02-21     07:10:11am
Terrain Park2020-02-21     07:10:11am
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Groomed yesterday or the day before
Groomed three or more days ago