Grooming Report

Sunday January 14th, 2018 @ 9:30 am

Temp: -4, calm, overcast.

Excellant conditions for skate and classic.

Our trails for night skiing are open until 9:30.

You can also call our snow phone for the most up-to-date conditions:  250-837-7303

If the sidebar isn’t enough for you, you can check the RNSC weather station for a more detailed weather report.

Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club – Grooming Report


Trail Names

Date Groomed


Dog Loop Roadway Ramble Jan 14 Groomed
BCIT Jan 14 Groomed
Easy Al’s Jan 14  Groomed
Ellie’s Jan 14  Groomed
Short Hop Jan 14  Groomed
North/Beaver Lake Cedar Ramble Jan 14  Groomed
Beaver Lake Rd. Jan 14 Groomed
Hydro Way Jan 14  Groomed
Hydro Hill Jan 14  Groomed
Cedar Ramble Jan 14 Groomed
Novice Glide Jan 14  Groomed
Creek Crawl Jan 14 Groomed
Log Roller Jan 14 Groomed
West/Main Loop Main Loop Jan 14 Groomed
Connector Jan 14 Groomed
Mountain Climb Jan 14  Groomed
Little Dippet Jan 14 Groomed
South/Mickey’s Mickey Olsen Loop Jan 14 Groomed
Titan Jan 14  Groomed
Dynamite Jan 14 Groomed
Evelyn’s Choice Jan 14  Groomed