Grooming Report

Saturday, April 8, 2017 @ 9:00am

Please call our snowphone (250-837-7303) for the most up-to- date conditions.  The snow report gets updated every morning at 9am.

Temp: —

Weather: —

There was some grooming done last night with the ginzu groomer.  It was 3*C and raining when the groomer finished, so hopefully it set up well!

Groomed: All major trails.

Update!  Looking past April 2nd, we have groomers scheduled to prepare the trails for Saturday, April 8th.  Thanks, Groomers!


Revelstoke Nordic Ski Club – Grooming Report


Trail Names

Date Groomed


Dog Loop Roadway Ramble April 8  Groomed
BCIT April 8  Groomed
Easy Al’s April 8  Groomed
Ellie’s April 2  Groomed
Short Hop April 2  Groomed
North/Beaver Lake Cedar Ramble April 8  Groomed
Beaver Lake Rd. April 8  Groomed
Hydro Way April 8  Groomed
Hydro Hill April 8  Groomed
Cedar Ramble April 8  Groomed
Novice Glide April 8  Groomed
Creek Crawl April 8 Groomed
Log Roller April 8  Groomed
West/Main Loop Main Loop April 8  Groomed
Connector March 25  Groomed
Mountain Climb April 1  Groomed
Little Dippet April 1  Groomed
South/Mickey’s Mickey Olsen Loop April 8 Groomed
Titan April 1  Groomed
Dynamite April 1  Groomed
Evelyn’s Choice April 8 Groomed