Grooming Report

December 11th 2019
-5 overcast with sunny periods.
IT is gorgeous out this morning! If you get the chance don’t think twice come and ski. The big groomer was out early this morning and has gone over almost all our trails. Also this is our free ski day and $5 rentals.
Enjoy your ski.
Check out our new map below, this indicates whats been groomed and when. We are still ironing out the bumps with this system but bare with us! It is going to be fabulous!

Grooming information is also available on our snow phone: (250) 837-7303.

If the sidebar isn’t enough for you, you can check the RNSC weather station for a more detailed weather report.

Dog Loop

Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
BCIT2019-12-11big groomer
Easy Al’s2019-12-11big groomer
Ellie’s2019-12-10ginu last night
Roadway Ramble2019-12-11big groomer
Short Hop2019-12-10

North/Beaver Lake

Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
Beaver Lake Road2019-12-11
Cedar Ramble2019-12-11
Creek Crawl2019-12-11
Hydro Hill2019-12-11
Hydro Way2019-12-11
Log Roller2019-12-11
Novice Glide2019-12-11

West/Main Loop

Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
Lower Mountain Climb2019-12-11big groomer
Main Loop2019-12-11big groomer
Mountain Climb2019-12-11
Upper Mountain Climb2019-12-11big groomer


Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
Dynamite2019-12-10ginzu (not recoomended)
Evelyn’s Choice2019-12-11big groomer
Grunt/Titan Connector2019-12-11
Lower Grunt2019-12-02Not open
Mickey Olsen2019-12-11big groomer
Mountain Climb Cutoff2019-12-11
Snakes n’ Ladders2019-12-11
Upper Grunt2019-12-11

Stadium and Jackrabbit Flats

Trail Name Last Groomed Comment
Little Dippet2019-12-09
Stadium Trails2019-12-11big groomer
Terrain Park2019-12-11
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