RNSC COVID Operation Plan for 2020-21

The RNSC has prepared and created plans for a safe 2020-21 season. It is going to be a bit of a different season than previous ones, but our aim is still the same: we want everyone to enjoy a fun, safe season on Nordic skis.

Please read the plans and expectations for everyone at RNSC this year.

Members and Visitors

Actions by members and visitors are what are going to help keep the RNSC trails open this winter. Your role is to follow all guidelines and posted signage. This starts Day 1 when you drive to the parking lot and ends when the snow is gone. You must also:

  • Take the “COVID Self-Assessment” ( EACH time you come to RNSC and follow its guidelines.
  • If you have any symptoms you must remain away from the ski area and remain away as per the self-assessment and medical guidelines.
  • Physically distance 2m at all times.
  • Wear a mask indoors at all times.
  • Have your dog on a leash as per the guidelines below.
  • Leave RNSC as quickly as possible after you have finished your activities.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and for being positive if you are reminded about COVID guidelines by staff and/or other members.


As usual, staff are keen to help and answer questions. Staff will be:

  • Using the outside window of the Ticket Office to greet people, with COVID precautions in place.
  • At times wearing a bright vest in the parking lot with mask in place, ready to answer questions and help with parking lot congestion.
  • Adhering to 2m physical distancing.
  • Regularly cleaning touchpoints and washrooms.
  • Reminding you to follow our COVID guidelines.

Parking Lot

We anticipate our parking lot to be our most congested area this winter. It will be really important for all members and visitors to be alert as soon as they arrive. Please:

  • Turn around and come back another time if the parking lot is full.
  • Stay in your car until other people around your vehicle have moved away or entered their vehicle.
  • Maintain 2m of distance between yourself and others.
  • Have a mask ready to wear if the parking lot is busy.
  • Do not linger in the parking lot or stadium area – get out on the trails or back in your vehicle.
  • Follow any direction our staff or volunteers in high-visability vests give you.

The Lodge

The upstairs lodge area will be closed to public use. This means members and visitors cannot come in and warm up by the fire or have a nice lunch at the tables. We recognize this will not be easy as the lodge has been such a great hub for RNSC over the last decade. Please come prepared with adequate clothing, food, and water so you are able to remain outside during your visit.


While the ticket office is open (9am-4pm), the downstairs door of the lodge will be open for washroom use only. Washroom COVID etiquette:

  • Mask wearing is mandatory.
  • Please sanitize your hands before entering using the dispenser attached to the wall.
  • There will be signage on the outside wall to indicate if a washroom is occupied or not. Remain outside if the washroom for your use is occupied.
  • Please respect the one at a time rule for each of the men’s and women’s bathroom. Parents and young kids can go in together.
  • No loitering, please leave immediate after use.

Trail Etiquette

Social distancing is now our normal everywhere and we expect to see this out on the trails. Please give everyone you see/pass at least 2m in distance.


RNSC welcomes dogs on designated trails. We are proud to offer a space for owners and animals to enjoy winter. This season it will be even more important for dog owners to do their part and keep control of their animals at all times. Due to COVID there will be no tolerance of dogs who jump on other visitors.

If you are skiing with your dog, you must:

  • Have it leashed in the parking lot at all times.
  • Have it leashed for the first 200m on Roadway Ramble and up and down Main Loop if you are backcountry touring.
  • Be able to voice command the dog if it is off leash on the dog loop. If not, the dog must remain leashed throughout the trail so it does not interact with others.


RNSC will be continuing to offer rentals this season, including free rentals for youth. (If you are part of Ski League, talk to Matt Smider about the seasonal loaners.) However, the process is going to be different. The following is what to expect:

  • Follow all signs and directions.
  • Enter the lodge porch through the entrance by the parking lot and yellow fee box. (
  • Physically distance (2m) if there is a line-up.
  • Only one group will be at the ticket office window at a time.
  • Payment and rental sizing will be done at the ticket window.
  • Proceed to rental area on wide porch (stadium side). This is where staff will bring you your rental equipment.
  • Any personal items, such as shoes, will need to be stored in your vehicle while you ski.
  • Return rental equipment, as per signage, on the wide porch (stadium side). Make sure to wait until anyone who needs to has exited before heading up the step to deposit rental equipment.
  • Gear will be cleaned between users.

As these procedures will be new to us, please have patience and understanding as we work through any unexpected kinks.


The RNSC is governed by BC regulations. As we all know, the pandemic situation changes daily. If we are asked to close our recreational trails we will comply. We will then work with the province as to when we can safely reopen.

RNSC is going to do everything it can to ensure safe skiing this winter, and we thank you for doing your part to help us with this goal.

Ole Sandberg Hut

This hut is under the jurisdiction of Recreation Sites and Trails BC. Currently they are allowing a maximum of 4 people inside the cabin. They will continue to update their signage around the cabin as the winter progresses. Please obey all posted guidelines.