Our Staff

There was a day not-so-long-ago that every member in the club would all sign up for volunteer shifts in Bev’s Bungalow to collect trail fees to support the club.

We still have a small army of volunteers to help keep our club functioning, but we’ve also grown enough that we are able to maintain a small staff of great people to keep the Nordic spirit alive in Revelstoke.

We are proud to introduce you to the RNSC staff for 2019:

Matt Smider: Executive Director and Head Coach
Matt Smider has been skiing since the age of 2.  He raced competitively in Northern Ontario before moving west.  A man of many talents (notice the guitar), Matt has been our Head Coach since 2012.  To facilitate major projects and realize elements of the RNSC strategic plan, Matt became the Executive Director for the club in 2018.

Duane Dukart: Operations Manager
Duane has been a volunteer groomer at the RNSC for 4 years.  Always happy to lend a hand, he came on board as our operations manager in 2015.  Duane takes care of the operations side of the RNSC including our trail network, the lodge, our super-cool groomer, and our machinery.

Paula Martens: Club Manager
Paula has been a mainstay of our office for 2 years running.  She runs the office during the week and volunteers with ski league on the weekend.  She has been Nordic skiing since the age of 17, and she always enjoys being outdoors and the soulful nature of the sport.

Thea Gray: Office Staff
Thea is new to the RNSC this year, and you’ll find her running the office on weekends.  A Nordic racer in days past, Thea is enjoying raising her daughter in Revelstoke.